About Mark

“Leadership Develops Leaders”

Mark founded MJA Leadership Consulting in 2004 to help those responsible for leadership development improve the quality and quantity of the leadership in their organisations.  Since then he has advised many FTSE 100 companies on how to increase the impact of their leadership development strategies and solutions.

Mark’s approach to leadership development was shaped both by his doctoral research and his twenty years experience leading learning & development functions in places like Barclays Bank and Ernst & Young.  He brings an architectural approach, challenging the organisation to connect leadership development to its strategic challenges, and designing innovative programmes and processes that develop leaders and leadership.

Mark believes conventional approaches to leadership development aren’t working – a new paradigm is needed which doesn’t teach leadership but does create conditions in which leadership can emerge.  In practice this requires clarity about why leadership is needed and what it is, developmental systems that support and challenge people to lead and learn, the presence of sponsors who set a positive example, and background processes that recognise and reinforce leadership.

Most importantly, development must focus on the places where leadership shows up – in teams and workplaces, choices and decisions, relationships and actions.  Some learning events can awaken a leadership mind in some and inspire others to do more than they thought possible.  But leadership develops when people courageously engage with issues that matter to them, in the workplace not the classroom.

For Mark, leadership develops as a consequence of leaders taking action. It is the act of leadership that develops leaders.

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